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(Sept, 2016-May, 2017): Emergence of OpenWorld’s Unique Collaborative Ethos:

JF-JJ - Origins of OpinWorld-OpenWorld Concept (Sept, 2016-May, 2017)

(Jan, 2018): Seeds of Origin of SolutionCentres @OpenWorld Concept:

Seed of Origin of OW Initiative on LI

(Feb, 2018): Formal Launch of OpenWorld North America (OW USA/OW Canada):

Formal Launch of OWNA on LI

The Short Story Press Collection

Sasha Hanton

The Short Story Press Blog

The Short Story Press

Holden Gate

Sally Corrie


Wild Flowers of Dare Valley Country Park

Dr. T.C.G. Rich & Ceri Gait

Tim CG Rich and Ceri Gait - Wild Flowers of Dare Valley Country Park

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